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5 Key Traits You’ll Want in Per Diem Nursing Staff

The demand for quality healthcare professionals continues to rise. This demand often outpaces available resources. According to the American Nurses Association, over 75% of healthcare facilities across the U.S. face ongoing staffing challenges.

So, the question is, “How can you provide quality patient care and shore up shifts for your team?”

What is a per diem nurse?

Per diem nurses are experienced professionals who can fill gaps at your facility on a short-term basis. These valuable team members can help you during peak periods, staff shortages, or when regular staff members take leave.

The advantages of per diem nurses extend beyond filling staffing vacancies. These nurses also have a lot of experience adapting quickly to new situations. This helps you minimize disruptions and maintain high standards of care at your facility.

That said, not every individual will be a good fit for your facility. When you want to hire good per diem nurses, there are five key traits to look for.

5 Key Traits to Look For


Good per diem nurses offer a wealth of knowledge and skills developed over years of practice. As professionals, they bring a deep understanding of various medical conditions. They also know many treatment protocols and critical procedures.

Experienced nurses can also seamlessly step into different healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, or home healthcare. They deliver exceptional care with competence and dedication. In healthcare environments that demand excellence, hiring experienced per diem nurses is more than just a strategic move. It's a guarantee of quality healthcare services.


Per diem nurses are a huge asset in addressing staffing shortages. Someone with flexibility will allow your medical facility to optimize its staffing levels and augment its workforce. This ensures patients receive timely quality care.

Ideally, their flexibility should accommodate part-time or on-call shifts. This will allow you to address unexpected staff shortages quickly.

By lightening excessive workloads and reducing burnout, flexible per diem nurses contribute to a healthier work environment. By hiring the right per diem nurse, your staff has someone they can rely on when they need to take time off or call in. This contributes to overall job satisfaction.

Licensure and Clinical Skills

Always determine the licensure/certification and clinical skills of a potential temporary nursing hire. Per diem nurses participate in extensive educational training on their own time. This helps them continue to acquire the knowledge and experience needed to do their job. It also prepares them to address diverse patient needs.

That said, their expertise should extend beyond the basics. Look for experience in specialized areas like critical care, pediatrics, oncology, and mental health. This breadth of knowledge allows per diem nurses to excel in whichever healthcare setting you need them in.

Up-to-date licensure and certifications also reflect an ongoing commitment to professional development. Keeping on top of their education helps per diem nurses provide more effective patient care.

The presence of licensed and certified temporary nurses can also foster trust among patients. Knowing qualified professionals are providing care brings reassurance during staffing shortages.

Empathy and Compassion

Your next per diem nurse should understand that healthcare extends beyond physical treatment. Recognizing the emotional and psychological needs of patients and having an empathetic approach is key. This will help alleviate anxiety, fear, and uncertainty among staff and patients.

Compassion is always a valuable trait in the medical profession. A kind, supportive word can go a long way with patients and staff. During times of staffing shortages, empathetic and compassionate team members become even more crucial. What’s more, empathy and compassion have a positive ripple effect on your healthcare team.

Problem-Solving Skills

In the fast-paced and dynamic healthcare environment, your staff encounters a diverse range of patient needs. There are also unexpected challenges. Good problem-solving skills enable temporary nurses to assess situations quickly, analyze information, and make informed decisions.

Ensure that the problem-solving abilities of your next per-diem nurse extend beyond clinical scenarios. They should be resourceful in managing logistical challenges. This can include coordinating patient transfers or troubleshooting equipment malfunctions. You want to hire someone capable of streamlining your workflows; not someone who adds more work.

Per diem nurses' problem-solving skills enhance not only patient care, but also the overall operations of your medical facility. In the face of staffing shortages, their ability to adapt to shifting situations is key. With a strong problem-solving approach, they ensure the continuity and consistency of patient care.

The Importance of Per Diem Nursing Staff at Your Facility

An unsung hero of the healthcare industry, per diem nurses are vital to today’s medical landscape. The right hire will offer invaluable contributions to your facility.

In times of staffing shortages, the right per diem nurse can deliver stability, reliability, and expertise. They inspire their colleagues and foster a culture of empathy and continuous improvement. They will also contribute to a harmonious work environment.

Today’s healthcare industry thrives on the dedication and commitment of per diem nurses. Hire one who will consistently go above and beyond to deliver great care to your patients and support your staff. If you need help, turn to a per diem staffing agency like Beyond Medical Staffing. We specialize in per diem staffing and can help your facility find the perfect fit.




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